Jewelry Store In Paramus, New Jersey, Gets Lots Of Jungle


In one of our past life incarnations, we did a lot of work designing high-end retail. It's a great way to exercise design ideas that must explicitly reach beyond spatial concerns and go far into up-to-the-minute marketing ideas and branding concepts. In addition the design must be flexible enough to allow for the cycle of product iterations and ever evolving store upgrades to take place. All on a budget.

Some architects can't get this right to save their lives. Fortunately most brands can't afford to indulge an architect's natural tendency toward academic foolishness in these sorts of endeavors. Of course, in Switzerland, they apparently do things differently and let the architect do the whole darned mall, complete with a cheeky store dedicated to his books. Thank you Daniel Libeskind, you have completely missed the point yet again, slashing it with even more diagonal windows.

Through these eyes we see the new Tanishq jewelry store, in the Garden State Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. It is part of a series of stores by Pompei A.D., brandingarchitecture specialists based in New York City. We like the store concept because it looks less like a store and more like a jungle cave. In the context of the never-ending sell assault that is the space of a shopping mall, it creates a literal oasis where the senses are invited to explore. Your guard lets down, and then they pounce with the expensive jewelry you uncover in your adventure. Pay down our credit card, we're ready to go.

Unearthed on Arch Daily, who have lots of jungly pictures.


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