What Does Tropolism Mean?

Tropolism means Metropolism.com was taken.

Tropolism means believing that cities are the crowning achievement in our civilization. After ultrasuede, of course.

Tropolism means urban life is a glorious mess, as are the buildings and spaces that enable it.

Tropolism means addicted to density.

Tropolism means loving the works of architects, and all the public conversation that surrounds it, while retaining a healthy skepticism for what architects say about their work.

Tropolism means writing about loving works of architects, and about skepticism for what they say.

Tropolism means calling bullshit.

Tropolism means no complaining.

Tropolism means proposing new alternatives.

Tropolism means finding beauty everywhere it exists.

Tropolism means making the hidden city visible.



Chad Smith is an architect and writer in New York. He is an award-winning designer. His office, Chad Smith Architect, specializes in collaborations with artists, other architects, fashion designers, and anyone passionate about not only their project, but the city within which the project resides. He loves his work, and is skeptical about what he says about it. Tough love begins at home.

In addition to Tropolism.com, he has contributed writing to the Curbed, Yanko Design, and The Village Voice.

He and his team of writers are dedicated to seeking out the undiscovered corners of the city, uncovering the architecture and motivations which are right in front of us.