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More Floating Houses From North Central Europe

0,1020,522143,00.jpg More floating houses from the world of North Central Europe. This time, a Dutch solution to a flooding problem. Really, who else would have achieved this, with built example to boot? No concept models here, these are real.

Dig deeper in the article, and you'll see some pretty hideous (aka Dutch PoMo) house designs. However, it's like having a floating house off the coast of Sayville, or in the marshes of Metarie, so we're really looking at the urban concept here. What if all the homes in the 9th Ward had been able to float off their pilings?

Thanks ALD, through Archinect.

Floating Homes


Tropolism isn't sure what to make of these.

They're models, plopped on the bay in Hamburg, taken with a close-up lens. Marketed as real. Hey, if Sciame can do it, why not the German prefabricated floating home company, or Floating Homes?

Floating Homes claims their first prototypes will be floating "at the 'City Sport Hafen' near the Hamburg Hafencity." More after you click on "continue reading".

More Action


Technology extends the story. Satellite pictures taken from NOAA are remixed with Goole Earth, and voila, useful information.

In the afterward for The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell discusses the tendency for our information-laden lives to require word-of-mouth in order to give us information we trust. Information from friends.


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Tropolism Online: Nolli y2k+5


We like to think of sites like Tropolism as what the Nolli Plan of Rome of 1748 would have been if they had IEEE 802.11g: as a way to look at the city from a lot of different angles, a way of taking apart the line between public and private, a way to discover continuities, a way to map every, every hidden corner.

Check back in a couple of years to see how we're doing.

In the mean time, the people at the U of Oregon have put together a more literal formulation: satellite images plus scan of Nolli plan equals eNolli! It is an overlarge bibliography with a bunch of essays and some incredibly overwrought and underimportant overlays. Tiber River really needs its own layer? But it's still fun. I never get tired of looking at the Atlante de Roma in my drawing room, and now I can do it online, with the Nolli plan always hovering in a transluscent background layer, like it always is. This is the point where I would giggle, if you were here.

The Green House

For those of us who want Green Architecture to not look like a hemp basket.

Friday New York Mapping

It's the day for New York mapping! Intersection of New York Tropolism with Interwebism!

NYCBloggers brilliantly maps us by our subway stop. They've even made special accomodations for the Borough With No Subway System (no, not New Jersey). Yet another reason not to move to Hoboken!

Nature, and Second Nature

After months of whois searches, a new name emerges, because as you know Second Nature abhors a vacuum.

The URL thicket that is what we call the World Wide Interweb is not as overgrown as you might be led to believe, were you doing my job.

And so we are getting a new name. Stay tuned.

The Secret Star of MOMA Architecture

Remember those two shows I saw at MoMA a couple of weeks ago? I nearly forgot to tell you: the secret star was someone I've seen around, but whose name was always in the background. The shop's work was in more than one exhibition. Huge piles of artifacts were by this studio. I'm speaking of the model craftspeople at Kennedy Fabrications. (Warning: Shockwave site approaching. Also not very up-to-date). They built the gorgeous High Line model I pictured, as well as models in the Groundswell show.

Of note is their command of many techniques. Architectural modelling is much like drawing: it requires mastery of the skill of matching technique to underlying idea. Some models were lit, some were photorealistic, some were super-abstract. But they were all large works of art that took a great deal of energy and coordination to execute.

Modelmakers: contractors of the miniature.

Satellite Architecture and Art

In honor of the fledgling Google Sightseeing, I humbly submit images of interest to architects. There are some wonderful additions over at Daily Dose, too.

Chicago buildings by Mies (a partial list):

The Farnsworth House


Lake Shore Drive Apartments

The IBM building, Mies' last project (with Marina City Towers next door, of course, by Paul Goldberger)

Chicago Federal Center and Post Office (in shadow)

Aalto's MIT dormatory

Corbusier's Carpenter Center

Spiral Jetty

More to come.